• Gas-trick Induced by The State

    Gas problems in Nepal

    Nepal currently fills, or at least half-fills, its fuel hungry mouth from 4 refineries of India; namely, Barauni, Karnal, Mathura […]

  • Application open for 19th Arthalaya

    Arthalaya is on!

    Arthalaya is on air! Applications for the 19th Batch of Arthalaya (School of Economics & Entrepreneurship) is now open. Apply […]

  • Banda and its Impacts

    Banda and its impacts

    Nepal has had an ominous history of forced strikes and blockades. It has become ‘fashionable’ almost to call forced closures since the […]

  • Voluntary Land Consolidation…..

    land consolidation

    Land fragmentation has been an increasingly pressurizing problem in the country. It hinders commercialization and modernization of agriculture since transporting […]

  • Transportation Woes and Competition

    Substandard transportation service is what commuters in Kathmandu valley have to face in a daily basis. Samriddhi’s Anurag Pant, took […]

  • What it means to be a liberalized country ?

    Senior economist Dr.  Bhola Nath Chalise, recently crowned ‘Freedom Champion’ in the Asia Liberty Forum 2015, talked about economic liberalization of […]

  • Asia Liberty Forum 2015 ends with a bang!

    Asia Liberty Forum 2015

    Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation in collaboration with Asia Center for Enterprise successfully concluded the 3rd Asia Liberty Forum 2015, hosted […]

  • Global Entrepreneurship Congress Moscow 2014

    Global Entrepreneurship Week Moscow attended

    Samriddhi Foundation, the official Country Host for Nepal in the Global Entrepreneurship Week, had Mr. Deependra Chaulagain, Operations Director of […]

  • Why Nepal Needs Economic Freedom?

    Economic freedom

    Sarita Sapkota, the Coordinator of Communications and Development at Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation wrote on why she thought Nepal needs […]

  • Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2014

    Atlas meet attended by Robin Sitoula

    The Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner 2014 took place at New York City from 12-13 November, 2014. Robin Sitoula, Founder […]