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Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundaton being a public policy institute works towards achieving its mission through three-tier approach; Research & Publication, Education & Training, Public Outreach & Advocacy. Samriddhi currently organizes the following programs and activities:

Research & Publication/Localization Project

Localization projects of Samriddhi, The Research Foundation involves methods of sharing and distributing available knowledge in order to move forward. Therefore in the year 2009, it undertook several translation projects where the publications and books were relevant in promoting economic freedom and entrepreneurship in Nepal. Various articles have been translated and posted in the website like “Strategies for achieving poverty” by prominent public policy analyst Leon Louw who leads a think tank in South Africa , ‘Property’ by eminent economist Ludwig Von Mises. Two books are on its way to be translated The Road to Serfdom by Friedrich von Hayek and The Mystery of Capital by Hernando DeSoto. The localization project taken forward through these translations has helped in spreading the word of economic freedom and entrepreneurship to the non-English Speaking population of the country.

PERC-Political Economic Resource Center

PERC-Political Economic Resource Center is a collection of books, audio-visuals and other resource materials about political and economic issues. As an attempt to provide general public with access to learning materials regarding political-economic issues, Samriddhi has collected over 400 related books, journals, souvenirs, magazines, reports, theses, seminar papers, newsletters etc as well as audio-visuals. All of these items are accessible to all interested persons free of charge.

Research Class

Research Class is a weekly in-house training (only for Samriddhi staffs). Run every Sunday at 10:30, it aims to train professional researchers who in the long run will research on government policies that has direct and indirect impact on the social and mostly economic lives of general public.

E-newsletter (Nepal Updates)

Samriddhi produces and circulates , Nepal Updates , a bi-monthly newsletter about the current political economic developments in Nepal along with articles and viewpoints on various public policy issues.

Liberty Discussions

Liberty Discussions is a weekly discussions series that involves Samriddhi's staff and arthalaya graduates. Discussions are held on an article selected beforehand. Articles are mostly related to issues of liberty.

Education and Training

arthalaya :- arthalaya is a five-day workshop promoting concept of entrepreneurship and economics.The main purpose of this program is to engage youth in private sector and encourage them to build new businesses, create new opportunities and inject new ideas into the economy for promoting economic and democratic reform. The program will include mock debates, business simulations that will help youth understand the importance of entrepreneurship in economic reform as well as the political aspects in creating a business.

Entrepreneurs’ Club:- The club is a group of students who have the eagerness to learn and stay updated on contemporary issues of entrepreneurship. It is also about developing capacity among the students and the club members to be a successful entrepreneur in future. Most often, it is a follow up to Arthalaya to institutionalize and give continuity to the learning and knowledge gained during Arthalaya.

Samriddhi has been providing technical support and other forms of support to the Clubs in the club activities outlined below:

Docu-talks:- Documentary is a very strong medium to pass a message and instigate ideas and discussions among a group of people. Hence a documentary related to entrepreneurship and economic freedom is screened in colleges by the entrepreneur’s club on Samriddhi’s support  as a mechanism to reach a wider audience. Facilitated by a Samriddhi member so far, students who are not club members are also invited to attend the program and the interaction and discussion following the documentary screening has encouraged creative ideas about entrepreneurship and free society in the minds of the young individuals full of aspirations.

Rendezvous with an Entrepreneur:- The clubs have hosted various interaction programs in different colleges in the year 2009 with an established entrepreneur. Here the entrepreneur shares his/her experience with the students and answer their questions regarding establishing an enterprise in Nepal. They also talk about their contribution to society through the establishment of an enterprise. These interactions are facilitated by Samriddhi and the kinds of support provided by the organization are selecting the resource person, technical arrangements etc. This activity has helped in increasing the visibility of the club within the college as well as in local media.

Training on Capacity Development:- The established Entrepreneurs’ clubs have also worked on developing their own capacity for entrepreneurship efforts. Samriddhi has facilitated the clubs on this aspect by helping organize various workshops like writing workshops.

Inter-club sharing meetings:- Samriddhi has been facilitating the inter-club sharing meetings where at least two representatives of each club are present and there they share their activities and ideas and develop new projects and programs that can be conducted jointly. The clubs also discuss about getting maximum support from the management of their colleges and initiatives to sustain and institutionalize it. These sharing meetings between the clubs from different colleges are also acting as an opportunity to exchange ideas and explore further possibilities of cooperation and programs. One of the major outcomes of the meeting has been that the club members are planning to publish a monthly newsletter with the content on entrepreneurship, economic freedom and their club activity updates as a joint effort which will act as a platform for all the clubs to come together to produce something really productive.

Newsletter: -After Arthalaya, the participants run an Entrepreneurs’ Club in their respective colleges. And as a joint account of these clubs, they bring out a monthly newsletter called ‘Artha’. The issues raised by this newsletter covers the area of Individual Freedom, Economic Freedom and Rule of Law. Students of different colleges contribute with their articles and views in this effort. Samriddhi facilitates the process.

Public Outreach & Advocacy

Last Thursdays Entrepreneurs Speak:- Last Thursdays Entrepreneurs Speak is an interaction program organized every Last Thursday of every month of the Gregorian Calendar from 5 pm onwards. The program is jointly organized by Samriddhi, The Prsoperity Foundation and Entrepreneurs for Nepal.A renowned entrepreneur from any sector is invited to share his/her experiences of doing business in Nepal, the future prospects and challenges of the related sector along with their personal stories. The participants, mainly, young entrepreneurs get their queries answered by the speaker along with receiving tips and suggestions for their ventures. The primary objective of the program is to create a platform for Nepali entrepreneurs to share and learn from each others knowledge and network and hence develop their entrepreneurship skills.

Lecture Series with Dr. Bhola Nath Chalise : - Samriddhi organizes a monthly lecture series with Dr. Bhola Chalise, a renowned economist with more than twenty years of knowledge and experience in Nepalese bureaucracy. Dr. Chalise has served as the Chairman of the largest commercial bank in Nepal, Rastriya Banijya Bank, Managing Director in Nepal Electricity Authority, Member Secretary in National Planning Commission, Secretary in Ministry of Industry and Secretary in Ministry of Local Development.

The objective of the event is to gain valuable insights and knowledge from his experiences. The lecture series takes place every second Friday of the month and participation is open to all  (prior confirmation is necessary).

Campaign for a "Livable Nepal": -This is a campaign to initiate a movement that carries forward the message of a Livable Nepal; a condition whereby we are able to earn a living by pursuing a profession or an economic opportunity. It is a movement that aims to raise the voices of many Nepalis who despite their political beliefs or the absence of it simply want to live a peaceful life where they have an opportunity to realize their efforts into progress and prosperity for  themselves. Samriddhi is a partner in the campaign.

Constitution Round Table:- Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation has been working on making the new constitution in making to be clear, relevant and pro-development. For this purpose, the organization organized the first sitting of experts and opinion makers in Constitutional Round Table (CRT) in August 2009. The program brought the experts, stakeholders and representatives of the constitutional committees together to discuss the draft paper put forward by these committee and it involved constitutional expert Dr. Bipin Adhikari, constitution specialist Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Mr. Basudev Neupane, Bhanubhakta Joshi, Dr. Bhimarjun Acharya, Prof. Dr. Bhimdev Bhatta, Dr. Bipin Adhikari, Mr. Birendra Prasad Misra, Ms. Durga Sob, Mr. Kamal Raj Bista, Mr. Krishna Ballabh Kafle, Mr. Min Bishwakarma, Mr. Nil Kantha Upreti, Mr. Parshu Ram Tamang, Mr. Surya Nath Upadhyay, Mr. Yogendra Nath Ojha in its first sitting.

Occasional Discussions:- Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation holds occassional discussions with prominent personalities in the field of public policies. Till date, such discussions have been held with Dr. Hilton Root, an academic and policy specialist in international political economy and development  from George Mason Univeristy, Dr. Christopher Lingle, who is a native of Atlanta, Georgia USA and has been a university teacher since earning his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Georgia in 1977. Most of his academic career has been spent in universities in Africa, Asia, and Europe.

Youth Entrepreneurs' Summit:- The Young Entrepreneurs' Summit 2010 is a 3 days residential workshop which is going to take place in the scenic lake city of Pokhara with as many as 200 entrepreneurs and well known figures of the country participating. It is a joint effort of Samriddhi and NYEF-Pokhara Chapter to bring together young entrepreneurs in a common place from all over the country to discuss with them the ideas and issues concerning the current socio-political and economic scenario of Nepal. The idea of the summit is to put together the experiences and knowledge brought in by the entrepreneurs and further enhance them through sharing and discussing key relevant issues among each other. YES also aims to be the largest national summit for business people to come up with concrete policy suggestions and action plan inorder to foster entrepreneurship and economic development of Nepal. YES also promises to be the largest networking event till date with participants getting an opportunity to increase their network and thus the possbility of growing their businesses further. TO sum it up, Young Entrepreneurs' Summit, 201O aims to be a platform of like minded who believe that Nepal can bounce back towards economic growth.

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