Doing Business in Nepal: Ground Realities

Doing Business in Nepal: Ground Realities

This publication analyzes the existing bureaucratic hurdles of doing business in five sectors of the Nepalese economy through a study of a particular product or service viz: agriculture (a review of seed enterprises), education (a review of schools excluding 10 plus 2), energy (a review of licensing process for hydro power), infrastructure (a review of construction companies) and tourism (a review of travel and tour agencies). It identifies various problems faced by enterprises related to above products or services, analyzes the cause of these problems and makes the necessary recommendations that can help alleviate the problems and drive entrepreneurial growth in www.fuckingsexyporn.comthe country.

“In the context of Nepal, one of the major hurdles to doing business cited by many national and international entrepreneurs is the bureaucratic delays. Bureaucratic delays are usually results of loopholes in the law and discretionary authority handed over to the bureaucracy by the law. Frequent changes in regulations or lack of clarity of regulations and discretionary provisions for bureaucrats create uncertainty and avenues for corruption which ultimately discourages entrepreneurship.” – An excerpt 

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