Advocacy & Outreach

for better informed policy choices

As much as research is necessary for policy reform, good recommendations can produce results only when they find a way into the system. For this, Samriddhi has been conducting advocacy and outreach for economic policy reform, namely, Eco-nity, Global Entrepreneurship Week, Democracy is, Gari Khana Deu, Economic Freedom of the World Report Nepal, International Property Rights Index Nepal and Last Thursdays. It has been doing so through its campaigns, engagement with the media (publication of articles, radio programs), holding occasional discussions & consultations with experts from the country and abroad, etc. Diversifying its advocacy and outreach tools, Samriddhi has also used radio as a medium to reach a wide range of audience to influence economic policy reforms.

Democracy is... CampaignGari Khana Deu! campaign

Economic Freedom of the World Report NepalInternational Property Right Index Report NepalLast Thursdays with an Entrepreneur