Since 1990, several forums for political and social discourse and analysis have evolved in Nepal. These platforms offer analysis for the major sources of political news and have improved the reporting of political and social issues. However, when it comes to serious forums for economic discourse, there are very limited sources which inform the public with a comprehensive analysis. Noting this opportunity, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation as an economic policy think tank has developed Econ-ity (meaning economic policy, etc.) as a platform for economic discourse and analysis.

Econ-ity is a regular discussion platform for sharing perspectives from different sides on political economic agendas that are important in the contemporary context. It constitutes of both an online forum (the blog) and a face-to-face discussion on the issue. The forum aims to engage journalists, experts, members of the political and business community and people interested in discussing contemporary issues of economy and growth in an analytical discussion. Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation hosts the platform where a number of moderators and regular writers contribute to the discussion.

Econ-ity  Blog (

To create continuous discussion through a virtual platform, an independent blog called Econ-ity is developed and maintained. Based on media scanning and reporting, the econity team picks up latest issues and provide an analysis from a political economic perspective.

Econ-ity Forum

Samriddhi also organizes “Econ-ity,” a live-audience and public forum for economic discussion providing economic analysis and discussion of economic challenges facing Nepal. This forum  focuses on the most relevant contemporary issues in Nepal’s economic discourse. The forum brings speakers (four in average) from mainstream political parties, academia, media, bureaucracy, civil society and the private sector and provides various opinions and viewpoints for the media in order to enhance the ongoing debates on economic policies.

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