Arthalaya Batch 14

Arthalaya Batch 14

The fourteenth batch of Arthalaya was organized from 9th March to 14th March 2012 at Dhulikhel, Nepal. Altogether 24 participants from 19 different colleges attended the program. This escalation of Arthalaya from a relatively unknown program to a reputed residential policy school was unprecedented.

Arthalaya gives the participants a unique opportunity to meet and share experiences of various renowned and experienced facilitators during the program. The organizers try to bring in sector leaders from various fields of entrepreneurship and economics in the hope of instilling the participants with the enthusiasm of becoming an entrepreneur and also a responsible citizen of the state who knows the present eco-political scenario of the country. With this in mind, the following resource person shared with the participants their experiences and knowledge during Arthalaya: Dileep Agrawal, the Chairman and Managing Director of Worldlink Coummunication Pvt. Ltd, Rajendra Mulmi, Director of Programs at Search for Common Ground, Dr. Bhola Nath Chalise, a renowned economist, and Anjan Kumar Dahal, a well-known advocate among others.

With these resource people in close proximity, a number of interesting topics were put on the table that included: the business environment in Nepal, education sector in Nepal – should it be Privatized or Nationalized and does the education System of Nepal produce Job Seekers or Job Creators?

For the longest time, Arthalaya has aimed to be completely funded through local sponsors which has been well-realized by now. As organizers, Samriddhi felt that because of this initiative, a lot of partnership doors have now open and the opportunities for the participants have increased many folds with commitments coming in from various partnering organizations and individuals.

“Academically, I am from Science background but always wanted to be an entrepreneur. This was the right platform for me. Now I am all set up to bring my ideas into practice.”
Srijan Pandey

“On the way to attend Arthalaya, my bus met with an accident. I was not sure whether or not to attend it. Now I have realized that if I had returned back home, I would have missed the most important 5 days of my life.”
Nirjung Pandey, Shreenagar Integrated College

“The several activities that we did in groups during Arthalaya gave me practical knowledge and I have understood how things are done in real world. This was a great learning experience.”
Roshan Giri, Kantipur Valley College