Education and Bad Political Leadership

F.A Hayek through his book “The Road to Serfdom” argued that in a socialist polity the worst always gets on top. To think about it, even in a social democracy, we tend to give power to the few over majority. This implies that there is a constant race among different political parties or individuals to grab power and rule over the majority.

Winning in the intense competition for power requires a sturdy incentive. Individuals who have more general goals that can be achieved through various means may refrain from or might not have sufficient motivation to invest huge amounts of resources, effort and time to win the political race. On the other hand, individuals who are most motivated to do so are the ones that desire to exercise discretionary power over others and exploit one’s possession for personal gain. These individuals know that ruling over the majority is very beneficial for their own self and they have enough incentive to go to any extent for achieving political power. Continue Reading