2nd Engagement – The Liberty Debates

2nd Engagement- The Liberty Debates

The theme for February’s Liberty Debates engagement has been released!

The Liberty Debates series will be a two-day liberal ideas and debate workshop – on the first day, participants are introduced to classical liberal ideas on a particular theme. The second half of the first day shall be a training on the British Parliament(BP) debating format and its techniques.

The second day of the engagement will allow participants in the training the day before to engage in a live debate session. Interested participants can register in teams of two for the debate on the first day. A total of four teams of two will be included in the debate on the next day. Participants shall be judged by able adjudicators and be provided constructive feedback on public speaking techniques and argument defense.

The Liberty Debates will culminate into ‘The Liberty Debates Championship (Maha Sangram)’ in April, 2016 which will be a month-long league event. The league championship will also be in British Parliament format and on liberal ideas.

Find below details for the 2nd engagement:

Theme: Market Economy

Dates – 26 and 27 February 2016

Time – 12 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Venue – King’s College, Babarmahal

For registration, drop an email to Registration is free! 

For information on the 1st engagement that took place in January, click here!