“Opening up the international payment gateways and ability to invest abroad.” says Aalok Subedi, Co-founder of Mero Adda

Aalok Subedi 

Aalok Subedi, the CEO of MeroAdda and co-founder of SiliconHire Pvt. Ltd. is an individual working to foster access to Law and Justice via Legal Technology in Nepal. Previously he worked as the CEO of VZeal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and Principal of Nawal Academy and Montessori. With skillset in Agile Project Management, Risk Management, Research and Development (R&D), Management, team management, and others he worked as Manager- Business Development and Program and Senior Marketing manager and director in Siliconhire LLC and as Lead Immigration Specialist in US IT Solutions.

About Mero Adda:
Launched in 2019 by parent company Siliconhire Pvt.Ltd, MeroAdda is a tech-driven company with having specialization in developing and implementing digital products for lawyers, law firms, entrepreneurs, and general people. The company is driven by a vision to foster access to law and justice in Nepal. MeroAdda was established by three co-founders when they realized the loopholes in legal work, especially in manual legal work. Realizing the opportunity they worked on legal technology. MeroAdda is currently designed as an online portal which includes free Q&As with lawyers and professional services.  The website allows the public to ask legal questions to lawyers online, which is far more convenient than the traditional culture of visiting and paying lawyers. The portal intends to create a pool of lawyers where services seekers can directly contact lawyers and reach out for general professional services. In the long run, MeroAdda intends to bring software to be used for legal purposes and includes practice management, document storage, billing, accounting, and electronic discovery that allows public direct access to lawyers/attorneys free of cost and others. MeroAdda is a Legal-Tech, Legal Process Outsourcing, and Professional Services Company.

Here is what Aalok Subedi has to say about promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal:

What do you think is one of the most required policy changes in Nepal from the perspective of promoting entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal? What impact will such policy change yield for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal?

One of the most important policy changes has to be opening up the international payment gateways and ability to invest abroad. A lot of businesses in Nepal have done really well and hold an immense potential to go global and compete with international brands. In lack of proper policies allowing businesses to go international, the entrepreneurial community has time and again been forced to perform inside Nepal only or take illegal routes to take the brand global. New age policies have to be about fostering the digital economy and going local to global. Entrepreneurs without borders.

As a part of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021, Samriddhi Foundation asked Nepali entrepreneurs what they think is the most pressing policy change to promote the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal. In this series, Samriddhi Foundation will feature two entrepreneurs a day through the #GEW2021 week, starting from November 8 to November 14, 2021.