The Liberty Debates Championship – MahaSangram 2016 Semi-Final!

liberty debates semi-finals

The semi-finals of the English category of The Liberty Debates Championship ‘Mahasangram 2016’ took place on 27th April, 2016 at King’s College, Babarmahal.

The motion for the semi-finals was ‘This house, as a Least Developing Country, would restrict migration from rural to urban areas’.

On this debate, the freedom of movement, state’s responsibility and an individual’s obligation remained the center principles of discussion. The government side believed that an individual has to, at times, be ready to compromise their liberty for development while the opposition believed that this policy heavily encroached one’s freedom. The government side stressed on the need of human resource and participation for development while the other side argued that capital and knowledge were more important for development and this restriction on permanent migration stalled their flow. The issue of brain drain was also touched by both sides, where the proposition believed in minimizing brain drain by restricting skilled manpower to place of origin but opposition presented a scenario where people were more likely to fly abroad to meet their goals, if not allowed to migrate within the nation.

Post semi-finals, the finalists for the final debate were announced.

The finalists for The Liberty Debates Championship – MahaSangram 2016, in no particular order, are:

English teams:



Dream Cream



Nepali teams:


NALC Starlette



*The Nepali teams progressed directly to the finals because of lesser number of teams than in the English category.

The grand finale will take place at Islington College, Kamalpokhari on April 30, 2016, beginning 10:30 am. Please send an email to to register or simply register at the venue itself beginning 10.00 am.