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As a think tank, we are constantly looking for solutions to Nepal’s most pressing economic problems from a policy angle. And to do that,  we rely mostly on individual donations and private charity. Help us make a difference.

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Mr. Om Raj Bhandary (top left), a business magnificio from Nepal is the chairman of Comfort Housing, Comfort Cares and Brihat Investments. He has been one of the few individuals who not only applauds youth entrepreneurship but has actively contributed to create a dynamic entrepreneurial environment.

Through his company Brihat Investements, Mr. Raj Bhandary has provided scholarships for a dozen students to attend a number of arthalayas. Thanks to his contributions, the past eighteen arthalayas have created over two dozen entrepreneurs and hundreds of young Nepalese who are committed to changing the face of Nepal through entrepreneurship.

Be a part of the movement that is silently transforming Nepal’s future. Sponsor at least one student at the upcoming Arthalaya for just NRs. 20,000.

Petroleum line

Monopoly in the petroleum sector that make people stand in lines for hours in front of the fuel stations, education regulations that make it difficult for low cost private schools from operating and thus forcing students to end up at government schools providing low quality education, transport syndicates forcing people to pay more for a painful commuting experience, monopsony in the electricity market that have been keeping Nepalese literally in the dark, labour policies that push young Nepalese to unemployment and eventually to the informal market or abroad…we have been conducting research on these issues and advocating for policy solutions that will make our lives better.

Support our research work and help us find solutions that enable us to earn a decent living in Nepal itself. Make a minimum contribution of NRs. 20,000 to our research fund and get quarterly updates on our research and advocacy work to not only witness but be a part of this change.

Gari Khana Deu badges

Ever since its inception, Samriddhi has been proudly hosting the secretariat of the popular campaign गरी खान देऊ (Let me earn my living), which is working to create a legal and regulatory regime where people can earn a decent living in Nepal. The campaign is entirely locally funded through cash and in-kind support of individuals who believe in Rule of Law, Safety of life & Property, and Freedom to Enterprise. Help us expand the campaign’s reach while still keeping it as a locally funded initiative by making a cash or in-kind contribution.

Help us by printing campaign materials (posters, flyers, Stickers, T-shirts, brochures, etc.) or by sponsoring a billboard or sponsoring campaign meetings or you can tell us how you would like to help.

Send us an email at support(at) or call us as 01-4564616 to be “prosperity saver” and we will be at your doorstep to collect your support.