Dr Hemant Dabadi

Dr. Dabadi is a Senior Fellow at Samriddhi Foundation.  After completing his M. Sc.  and Ph.D. in economics from the then Soviet Union, he worked in institutions like Industrial Service Centre, Social Service National Coordination Council, Nepal Administrative Staff college.  He joined the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) as senior economist and has been very closely involved in working out the position of the private sector of Nepal on various policy initiatives of government. After leaving FNCCI, he worked as Director of Research South Asia Watch on Trade and Economy and Executive Director of Non Resident Nepali Association for some years. He once again, joined the FNCCI and worked as its Director General for 5 years till April of 2015.

Dr Dabadi has a wide experience of the Nepalese Private sector and its link with the government policy making. He was directly involved in the FNCCI initiatives like FNCCI Business Confidence Index,  Nepal Economic Summit, Annual International Trade Fair,  Inception of Non Resident Nepali Movement. His area of work include investment promotion,  market economy, Nepal’s private sector, policy analysis and policy making, reforms to encourage private sector etc.

He holds Ph.D. in  Economics and  M. Sc. in Economics.