The Foundation

a think tank with a mission to promote civil, political and economic freedom
The Foundation

Samriddhi’s beginnings are rooted in the political and economic context of its time of inception. The second People’s Movement in April 2006 had become a landmark for Nepalese in terms political freedom, political awareness and civil liberties. However, considering the fact that the real longing for democracy in Nepal comes from the country’s long history of economic deprivation, the realization among the founders was that if economic growth is not taken seriously, chances of another major political setback is very high. With this strong realization, on that very year of Nepal’s major political transformation which led to the writing of a new constitution, Samriddhi was initiated in 2006. With this, the Foundation formally started its operations in 2007.

Winner of Dorian & Antony Fisher Venture Grants 2009

Winner of the Templeton Freedom Awards 2011 

Samriddhi Foundation is a research and educational institution – a think tank–whose mission is to promote ideas of freedom- civil, political and economic- through public policy recommendations (based on independent research), educational programs and public participation. Registered in 2007 at the Company Registrar’s Office as a profit not sharing company under the Company Act, 2006 of Nepal, it formally started its operations in 2008.

For the creation of a prosperous Nepal, Samriddhi believes in the power of private entrepreneurs as key to economic development and engages in fostering democracy and building a more conducive environment for economic growth.