Our Approach

For a free and prosperous Nepal


For a free & prosperous Nepal since 2006

Samriddhi Foundation, envisions a free and prosperous Nepal where individuals can live a dignified life in a vibrant and democratic society with access to opportunities and respect for the rule of law.


To promote ideas of freedom- civil, political and economic- through public policy recommendations (based on independent research), educational programs and public participation for a free and prosperous Nepal.

Program Areas

Carrying its mission forward, Samriddhi Foundation’s strategic focus is set on four major areas:

The path to prosperity is carved through individuals and innovation, which is fostered in an economically free environment. In such case, the combination of individual and innovation is entrepreneurship. Samriddhi being an organization that envisions a prosperous Nepal, fostering the spirit entrepreneurship is one of the means to realize the vision. Besides, changing the deep rooted traditional mentality of job seeking to entrepreneurial activity was a challenge that always came up when talking about the strong connection between entrepreneurship, economic freedom and prosperity.

The low ranking of Nepal in the Doing Business Report published by The World Bank and in The Economic Freedom of the World Annual Report published by Fraser Institute shows enough evidence that Nepal’s business environment is not growth friendly. However, it is not a surprise for a nation which faces the torment of being in the after math of a decade long civil war combined with growing political instability and insecurity, increasing impunity, corruption, and power crisis. Samriddhi has been working towards bringing a change in sad state of affairs in Nepalese economy through Research and Publication on the related agendas and advocacy and public outreach.

Samriddhi believes in bringing out sound policy solutions to encourage economic growth and prosperity of Nepal. One of the major hindrances the developing world faces in terms of economic growth is that imprudent policies generally obfuscate the process of economic growth. The organization has been performing research on economic policies and has been publishing its works to provide impetus to the policy reform process in Nepal. It also conducts education and training along with advocacy and public outreach on this topic.

Besides Entrepreneurship Development, Improving Business Environment and Economic Policy Reform, Samriddhi is committed towards promoting the discourse on Democracy in Nepal. We believe that a democratic environment where people are free to express and choose is a prerequisite to the discussion of prosperity.


We advance our  mission through a three-tier approach:

3-tier approach