Inspiring the young

We begin the celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016 with Youth Entrepreneurship Program on November 8, 2016, co-hosted by Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF).

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF) is a membership based non-profit organization, established with an aim of creating outstanding entrepreneurs through idea exchange, fellowships, education, training and advocacy among the Nepali youth. Among its various initiatives, Youth Entrepreneurship Program aims to inspire young generations join the entrepreneurial ecosystem which is growing gradually in Nepal.

Nepal’s total population constitutes significant young people but has still been lagging behind in entrepreneurial sector. So, in order to fill the gap that could be the first step for economic growth and mass employment the idea of Youth Entrepreneurship Program came up. This program hopes to bring together young and aspiring entrepreneurs within the country. It is expected to promote entrepreneurial mind-set with a shared vision through an effective and much-needed networking of young entrepreneurs.

The program will feature Mr. Venkatesh Kini, president of Coca-Cola India & South West Asia for the official launching of program, which will be followed by his experience sharing and aspiring talks. The program will also be accompanied by talk session later on. Partnering with Global Entrepreneurship Week 2016, DAV College of Management will be hosting it in its own Auditorium on Tuesday, Nov 8, 2016 starting form 8.00 A.M. onwards