Participants in Arthalaya running their enterprise

The path to prosperity is carved through individuals and innovation, which is fostered in an economically free environment. In such case, the combination of individual and innovation is entrepreneurship. Samriddhi being an organization that envisions a prosperous Nepal, fostering the spirit entrepreneurship is one of the means to realize the vision. Changing the deep rooted traditional mentality of job seeking to entrepreneurial activity was a challenge that always came up when talking about the strong connection between entrepreneurship, economic freedom and prosperity.

One of Samriddhi’s most successful initiatives has been conducting Education and Training in Entrepreneurship Development. With focus on creating the next generation of entrepreneurs and young minds respecting entrepreneurship, Samriddhi has actively engaged with young people in the sector while also reaching out to aspiring or struggling entrepreneurship and helping with networking, skills development and capacity building. One such initiative is:

Towards Enterprise Building in Nepal (Vol. II)
Udhyamsilta Bikash Tarfa