CEO of Tangent Waves, Suman Shakya at ‘Last Thursdays’

Suman Shakya

May 29, 2014 saw Suman Shakya, CEO Tangent Waves and MD One Planet Solution, share his ideas and strategies with over 100 people who attended the event held at Direction Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC).

Suman Shakya has been in the entrepreneurial game for years now; he has led a number of successful ventures including Rooster Logic, REMO, WriteWeavers, Digitainment and Smart Paani; a project that had been selected as a finalist for Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Awards 2013. Smart Paani is basically a form of rainwater harvesting, that aims to reduce the shortage of water felt acutely during the city in drier seasons.

His ideas and struggles as an entrepreneur were a great listen and managed to inspire those present to become job-creators rather than job seekers.