Kutumba at ‘Last Thursday’


Kutumba, one of the most loved instrumental Nepali folk bands was our entrepreneur for March 27, 2014 where they talked of their successes and challenges that they faced in the country at the Direction Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) when it came to both music and business. The event was attended by over 118 people.

Kutumba constitutes 7 members; all of whom play and try and promote traditional Nepali folk music. They have been largely appreciated by listeners at home and abroad. They also talked about their tour to the states and feedback from the audience. Kutmba, being a band that specialized in instrumentals, also talked of hardships faced when they first hit the music scene sans lyrics but they have successfully managed to carve a niche market for themselves.

In the event, three of the band members shared the raw beginnings of their band, how it all started from chiya pasals and led to the world stage. The talk was infused with good-natured humor that the audience responded well to.