29th Liberty Discussion

Despite having involvements in various relief efforts following the earthquake in the month of April, a few members of Liberty Discussion Group got together on the 29th of May, 2015 to engage in some intellectual discourse after a period of two months. This time, the members discussed Ayn Rand’s ‘Man’s Right.’

Most attendees shared their appreciation of Rand’s organic argumentations, before formally moving into the discussions. They tried to dissect Rand’s opinions about:

–          political and economic rights,

–          relationship between individuals and societies

–          a threat that an individual is always subject to, under governments

–          positive vs. negative rights

–          the modern culture of creating new rights as powerful groups see fit, and their implication on moral rights

Based on lessons from the reader, the attendees also engaged in an exercise where they were asked to give their opinions on the role of individuals/government to various circumstances frequently seen in social settings.