Government as a Compassionate Alternative to Harsh Marketplace

Participants discussing on Government as a compassionate alternative

The monthly discussion series, ‘Liberty Discussion Session’ was held on the topic “Government as a compassionate alternative to harsh marketplace” on the 31st of October, 2014 at Gaia Restaurant, Thamel. 12 people participated in the discussion. The forum was moderated by Akash Shrestha.

The participants were asked to read The Freeman’s post by Lawrence W. Reed on whether government could be a compassionate alternative to a harsh marketplace and then place their opinions on the idea. Issues such as the true definition of compassion, what compassion meant to people and how it was differently applied to the government and whether a ‘compassionate’ government was in-fact possible were debated upon. Most seemed to feel that compassion was a subjective terminology and argued that putting a parameter to it would only reduce its substance.

Link to Reed’s article: