Liberty Discussion on “Nepal Airlines privatisation still stuck” by Masta KC

The Liberty Discussion Session for the month of July was held online on the topic “Nepal Airlines privatization still stuck” by Masta KC published in “Nepali Times”. The session attracted participants who were both with and against the ongoing decisions and debates among the organs of the Nepal Government to privatize loss-bearing national carriers.

While the supporters of the decision to privatize the airline company believed it to be necessary in order to keep the company efficient and running profitably, other skeptics believed that such a move could actually lead the company to termination as it was observed for multiple State-Owned Enterprises that were privatized in the past. And, since the national carrier is historically linked with the national political-economic development, the demise of the company may be more than unpleasant for the national sentiment. On the other hand, others believed that such would not be very unpleasant until the supply vacuum created in the airlines market can be fulfilled by other airlines companies.