Liberty Discussion on “Towards A More Inclusive Globalization: An Anti-Social Dumping Scheme” by Dani Rodrik

This month’s Liberty Discussion was held on 26th March 2021 at Gaia Restaurant and Coffee Shop. The selected reader wasTowards A More Inclusive Globalization: An Anti-Social Dumping Scheme” authored by Dani Rodrik. Around 15-16 participants attended the session in person.

The general discussion kicked-off with a question exploring the utility of trade unions and how collective bargaining is important for resolving employer-employee conflicts. A situation was imagined in which employers provided all basic guarantees to the employees and whether even in such a situation, trade unions would be required. Soon, a consensus was forged that it was indeed necessary and it was a mere question of how it would function advancing both the groups. Then, participants brainstormed on what the article meant by “social-dumping” with its concept analyzed in relation to the status of Nepal as a labour-exporting country and the poor working conditions and danger under which our labourers have to work on foreign soil. Participants gave their varied opinions on how there could be a push for improving working standards and then reflected on its generalized obvious consequence- increase in prices of consumer goods. The trade-off between these two was weighed from different perspectives. The discussion came to an end by examining the effect of government intervention in regulating the labour market. In a recent protest of sugarcane farmers, while some thought it was due to the absence of government intervention, others were of opinion that such a situation came into existence because of government intervention.