Liberty Discussion session on Price Control

Liberty discussion forum on price control

January 30, 2015 saw the continuation of Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation’s monthly discussion ‘Liberty Discussion Forum’ at Gaia restaurant with almost a dozen participants.

This time round articles discussed were: ‘All Hail the Tumbling Price of Gas’ by Jeffrey Tucker that explains how gas prices are controlled by the ‘invisible hand’ and have a mind of their own and ‘What Price Control Really Means’ by Lawrence W. Reed, which argues that ‘the object of price control is really not the control of trillions of numbers and dollar signs in the economy but is merely an excuse to coercively dictate the terms of trade between people’.

Participants engaged in interesting conversations as to what they found intriguing about the articles and aspects that they did or did not agree with. There was also discussion on the article’s standpoint that could be used to explain the current gas shortages in Nepal and rising gas and oil prices everywhere in the world. Participants reported that it had been a fruitful discussion and had definitely helped thaw some of their more ‘populist’ opinions.

The discussed articles can be found in The Freeman’s website and have been linked here: