Pigs Don’t Fly

On the 19th edition of Liberty Discussion on June 27, young students discussed Russell Robert (professor of economics at George Mason University)’s article Pigs Don’t Fly: The Economic Way of Thinking about Politics!
The article mainly argued on these lines: “…when you hear the politicians talk about how much they care about the people or the children or the environment or health, keep your hand on your wallet and keep a lookout for the bootleggers lurking nearby. They are always there.”

Participants enthusiastically debated upon the idea of how politicians could never really take into accounts all of the voters self-interest and most did not even bother too. Amid cups of hot coffee, ideas were taken and passed around as to how Nepali politicians fit into this theorization as presented by the writing.

Link to the Prof. Robert’s article: http://www.econlib.org/library/Columns/y2007/Robertspolitics.html