Neetishala 2

neetishala 2

The second Neetishala was organized from 23 July to 28 July, 2011 at Dhulikhel, Nepal. The number of applicants for the second term had doubled, owing to the success of the first Neetishala but Samriddhi still took on only about 25 applicants, adamant not to compromise with the quality of the program.

The second term of the program dealt with interesting ideas of myths about markets, trade Liberalization and Globalization and Policy reform processes which were introduced via interactive video presentations, lectures, games and debates. The participants thoroughly enjoyed group activities that particularly involved role-playing and teamwork. It was evident that though these people were from different walks of life; they gelled well in a short span of time.

Lectures were delivered by prominent people such as Dr. Mahesh Banskota, Dean, Kathmandu University, Dr. Bhola Nath Chalise and Ratish Basnet of FNCCI. An important addition to the guest lecturers was Prof. Andrew Pettit Morriss of University of Alabama, USA, who spoke on Policies for Economic Development and Public Choice: The Economics of Government among other topics. His addition to the program certainly gave Neetishala an international flavor.

Neetishala ended on a positive note, with participants gaining new insight into the existing market policy of the country and their role in its correction and facilitation. A strong bond was forged between Samriddhi and the participants based on this simple understanding.