Liberty Discussion on ‘Chile’s Enhanced Climate Plan Sets an Example for Other Countries’

On August 28, 2020, Liberty Discussion session based on the reader titled “Chile’s Enhanced Climate Plan Sets an Example for Other Countries” was held via video conferencing app named Google Meet. The discussion began by providing a brief overview of all climate specific action plans and strategies conducted by the South American country that could also set an example for other developed countries mostly responsible for carbon emissions.

Regarding whether such action plans and strategies would slow down the economic growth, the views of the participants were mixed. While some regarded that environment and development are unfortunately in trade-off with each other, others asserted that market instruments like carbon trading and carbon taxing can help address global emissions. Yet, given that the market instruments addressing the environment have not been able to improvise properly throughout the time, everyone agreed that the ability of such instruments in addressing global warming and climate change is limited.

Also, the impact of climate change in coastal regions, regions hosting river deltas connecting to oceans, and particularly in Hindu Himalayan Kush (HHK) regions were also deliberated. As such, participants exhibited unanimity regarding the effect of climate change on such areas that would affect their food security, cause gender stress, and even create existential threat as the result of climate-based calamities and rising sea levels. Therefore, every one regarded climate change as an important element that needs to be factored in the equation of sustainable development.