Reforming policies for MCSIs

Samriddhi Foundation along with the Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) organized a consultation meeting with the stakeholders from Micro, Cottage and Small Industries (MCSIs). The consultation meeting aimed to understand the hurdles in operating MCSIs in three major areas – entry process, tax and standards.

Entry process comes at a high cost as the lengthy registration process needs to be handled by lawyers; also the distant registration offices add up the burden. The inefficient and understaffed government service delays the registration process while the similar policy for both small and large scale industries creates confusion. Tax clearance process is cumbersome as there is no one window tax policy and the government officials do not pass the tax clearance. Meeting the standards for running the enterprise creates hassle as the standards for small to large scale industries are similar. The high cost required to meet the standard difficult to run the enterprise while the entrepreneurs fears of monitoring process.

The two-hour long deliberation also involved industry-wise policy reform along with aforementioned topics. The study on trade, service and manufacturing MCSIs will be shortly published.

‘Federation of Nepal Cottage and Small Industries (FNCSI) is an Umbrella Organization of Micro, Cottage and Small entrepreneurs of Nepal. Since its inception, FNCSI has been working for the promotion of Micro, Cottage and Small Industries (MCSIs) through the wide range of activities and services. FNCSI has been organizing various promotional activities like interaction, training, workshops, seminar, conferences, exhibitions etc. and participation on International Trade Fairs.’