Samriddhi Colloquium 2018: Economic Growth and Wealth Creation

Samriddhi Foundation organized a colloquium on Economic Growth and Wealth Creationfrom the 14th(to the 16th) of September at Hotel Country Villa in Nagarkot.

The project saw 20 participants from three countries – India, Sri-Lanka and Nepal—and from a very diverse background come together and spend three days together deliberating over various components of the pre-assigned readeron Economic Growth and Wealth Creation.

The whole theme was sub-divided into six sub-themes: Man’s Rights and Economic Freedom; Regulation and Poverty; On Market Economy, Limited Government and the Invisible hand; Public Choice and Public Policy; Economic Freedom and Growth: Lessons from Neighbours and finally Globalisation, Free Trade and Growth. Each sub-theme consisted of 4-5 mandatory readers and saw a two-hour discussion session each at the colloquium.

The colloquium featured participation of think-tank leaders to bureaucrats, college professors and social activists. The colloquium was organized in the background of Nepal’s great transition from a unitary government system to a Federal Democratic Republic. As Samriddhi itself works to promote ideas of freedom and a free society at the federal level, it has become more important than ever before that there be similar like-minded individuals at local and state levels as well. With the new 761 governments, the challenge is bigger than before (when there was only one policy-making body), but chances of success are also higher as there is now a room for creating local movements on the basis of local circumstances. Along this front, Samriddhi engaged with young minds from across the country.

More importantly, this forum gave all 20 participants a glimpse into conducting a Socratic discussion, something that each participant can now replicate within his/her circle. As Samriddhi also got a chance to make new networks and bond with these young and driven individuals, there are now more platforms for Samriddhi and its partners to work on fostering values of a free society in the new Federal Nepal.

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Some photo highlights below: