Samriddhi Foundation is working on until May 15


In doing our part after the Nepal Earthquake, Samriddhi Foundation has been busy co-ordinating relief via manual communication, linking service providers to those in need, whilst also maintaining a blog portal named

In the meantime, we are supporting our operation of about 50 staff members of The Freedom House to contribute to the relief efforts during this period via Freedom House Operations set up on April 29, 2015 as a central information portal that matches relief seekers with providers such that the survivors receive relief more effectively. In this process, we are also getting in touch local community organisations and individuals working on the ground who are putting together efforts and plans for relief and reconstruction. For individuals looking to support voluntary efforts from groups on the ground, will be helpful in connecting to local groups and individuals we have seen are doing good work. We have been receiving tons of requests for basic priority needs such as food, water, shelter and medical assistance and matching support to to local groups who are genuinely and effectively contributing to provide speedy relief and support has been our approach. Do get in touch with us if you wish to connect with these efforts and contribute.

The commitment and sincerity we have seen in all the people who are trying to help in this dire situation makes us hopeful that we will rise from this situation soon.

In light of the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015 and the subsequent loss, The Freedom House Operations (Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation, Lead International, FACTS Research and Analytics, Students for the Global Advancement of Entrepreneurship Nepal,Onion Films, and Bikalpa – an Alternative) will remain closed until May 15, 2015. We are relieved to share that there was no human loss amongst The Freedom House staff members in wake of the tragedy.