Strategic Planning Workshop with Rainer Heufers

Rainer Heufers

Samriddhi organized a four-day strategic planning workshop with Mr. Rainer Heufers from the 26th of February to 1st of March at The Freedom House premises. Mr. Heufers, Director of SIAP Solutions (Singapore) is a valued personality in the movement for promoting liberty around the world. He also shared his experiences when it came to the professional world which the participants took great interest in listening to. The main objective of the session was to come up with a strategic direction for Samriddhi for the next two years and was attended by all members of the Samriddhi Foundation. All members of Samriddhi Foundation took part in the session.

SIAP Solutions stands for Strategic Impact Advanced Performance for Corporate Leaders & Public Policy Leaders. It has partnered with Samriddhi on a number of projects. Learn more about them at