Why Entrepreneurs Lack Motivation in Nepal?

Robin Sitoula, Executive Director, Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation had engaging conversation with young students and aspiring entrepreneurs at Innovation Hub, FNCCI. The talk on “Policy Environment and Entrepreneurship in Nepal” focused on how policies in Nepal are not friendly for entrepreneurs and the practicalities for doing business in Nepal.

The talk started with how small enterprises like “Kirana Pasals”- small mom and pop stores cannot grow due to regulatory burden. Being one of the largest business in Kathmandu, these stores do not show any growth. In conversation with audience, the views on reasons behind it came up as- burdensome registration process, subsistence earning, lack of sufficient capital to expand.

The session moved on with how policy climate has stopped business from expanding. The current investment policy does not allow angel investors and venture capital. As market lacks competition, there is no innovation. Industrial relations and contract enforcement are not properly drafted.

Even though, there are number of policies that hampers doing business, entrepreneurs do have future in Nepali market. The opportunities are in sector of infrastructure development, energy, tourism, agriculture and others if one has will to startup.

“You have to be in business to change the business environment.” – Robin Sitoula