Political Economic Digest #29 On Immigration

Welcome to the twenty ninth issue of Political Economic Digest Series.

In the last issue of Political Economic Digest Series we discussed on BOTSWANA’S GROWTH by Fiona Tregenna.

This issue will cover readings on Immigration and its consequences.

The first reading “The Economics of Immigration: Who Wins, Who Loses and Why” by Christopher Matthews is focused on the relationship of immigration in the American society with wages, economic growth and its effect in the welfare system.

The second reading “Immigration reform is pro growth” by Larry Kudlow talks about how the reform in the immigration policy could benefit the overall economy.

The third  and the fourth reading “The Role of Immigration in Innovation” and “Aligning Incentives, Sharing Gains” are extracts form a paper “Immigration and Economic Growth” by Gordon H. Hanson.

The fifth reading “Is Immigration Really the Problem?” by  Stefano R. Mugnaini discusses several important  points regarding immigration and immigrants.

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We hope you enjoy the reading.

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