Engaging youth in policy making

Dinesh Gautam, founder of Hriti Foundation, and Shristika Neupane, a student and researcher at Bikalpa An Alternative, share their thoughts on what role young people play in policymaking. Dinesh started writing on public issues at the young age of 15 and has since continued to examine the policy environment in Karnali. At Hriti, his team conducts research to identify policy measures that help promote markets and entrepreneurship in Karnali. With her research works, Shristika is also dedicated to making it easier for entrepreneurs to start and operate businesses in Province 1. She is motivated by seeing the impact her work has in informing both public and policymakers about the consequences of policy actions. She hopes her work can help them make the right policy decisions towards the growth of the province. Both of these researchers have much to share about why young people like them need to be engaged in policymaking.

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