Regional Governance on Transport Infrastructure

This paper titled “Regional governance for Transport Infrastructure” delves into the importance of decentralization or delegation of the entire authority and responsibility related to the role of development of transport infrastructure of regional nature to the government of regional jurisdiction. And, during the current context of federalized governance structure of Nepal, such regional authority is claimed by seven State Government of regions demarcated across the country.

This study finds that the need to sufficiently delegate the role of transport infrastructure development and management to State governments arrives from the principle of subsidiarity and the nature of transport infrastructure that features spill-over effects and externality. Meanwhile, this study does not find sufficient authority granted to the State governments by the Constitution of Nepal and other legislative provisions regarding regional transport infrastructure development as demanded by the literatures concerned by the

However, as States can be nonetheless expected to own more authority and duties for development of regional transport infrastructure in the course of future, this study also analyzes the current legislative, executive, and strategic capabilities of all State Governments to undertake such responsibilities. This analysis is followed by necessary recommendation for State governments of Nepal  to build necessary capabilities following the study of practices undertaken by the two different State of federal countries that have progressed impressively in areas of regional transport infrastructure development.

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