Review & Overview of Economic Contribution of Education in Nepal

Review & Overview of Economic Contribution of Education in Nepal

This detailed study report on education focuses on meeting the market demand for workforce through education i.e. the economic outcome of education. Some of the major challenges in this sector were found to be lack of skilled human resource in the labor force, high drop-out rates, lack of adequate returns on public spending on education and other issues related to investment and promotion of technical and skill based training. Based on this context, recommendations are centered around promoting private sector in addressing these challenges, developing a national qualification system, introducing flexible means to incorporate non formal modes to enhance skill development for market outcomes and implementing alternative spending modes such as education voucher system to enhance productivity of government spending.

“Education, along with its important social aspects also plays a major role in bringing about development in the economic sector of the country. The economic aspects of education, when ignored hamper economic growth of a country. As Nepal Government’s focus has been primarily on the social aspects of education, it is plausible that Nepal’s economic growth hasn’t picked up a pace.” – An excerpt 

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