Role of Government in Enterprise Building (Vol.II)

Role of Government in Enterprise Building (Vol.2)

While the first volume on the role of government explains the theoretical and historical foundation of some of the known and accepted roles of the government in enterprise building, the second volume sets focus in Nepal.

It briefly discusses privatization and liberalization in the Nepalese context and draws understanding from the perspective of the role of government in enterprise building.

“Currently, the government owns and operates 36 enterprises. More than half of these enterprises are operating under recurring loss and the amount of accumulated loss is alarming. Except for a few of them, public enterprises are epitome of corruption, inefficiency and financial disasters. More than 30 percent of the government’s initial investment of 86 billion rupees has already been lost. In the fiscal year 065/066 alone, only 4 of the public enterprises paid dividend of Rs. 3 billion and 470 millions to the government which is just about 4.3 percent return on the investment. Some of the public enterprises have even negative net worth owing to the continuous losses over a long period of time. (MoF, 2011)” – An excerpt 

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