Starting a Business in Nepal

This repository seeks to inform people about the requirements for starting a business in Nepal. We have tried to the best of our ability to facilitate any aspiring entrepreneur in their future endeavors. The repository contains within itself, some key steps that are required and are common for the purposes of establishing a business. We have divided the category of businesses, as you can see, into two: one where the investment is entirely domestic and the other where there are investments from sources other than domestic to the degree it is permitted. Furthermore, for the relative ease in its use, the requirements have been segregated based on the vehicle of operation of businesses.

However, this repository must not be looked into as a complete guide on how to start a business. Regulatory requirements for most businesses will consist of additional approval from line ministries and departments depending on the nature of the business, additionally they will also be subject to sector specific laws. In lieu of such circumstances it is difficult to design a complete go-to guide, therefore this repository is in some manner limited and as such only provides for requirements that remain common for many business practices in Nepal. Nevertheless the repository takes an evolving form and more will indeed be added in the future.

An additional point to note is that repository is designed to suit the federal nature of Nepal. We have where possible and where state and local laws for the state of Bagmati are existent and consistent with federal law, made reference to such laws, on other instances we have stuck to the prevailing federal laws. We sincerely hope that our little effort is of some help.    

  • Starting a Business in Nepal
    • Domestic Investment This category is for businesses where investment made originates from Nepal. It is devoid of any form of foreign investment. The registration process is for businesses planning on operating in Kathmandu, State of Bagmati. Furthermore, the requirement and procedure for registration are classified in accordance with the vehicle of operation. Laws of the state of Bagmati where they have been enacted and consistent with the Federal law have been stated, on other instances, reference is made to the federal law.
    • Foreign Investment This category is for businesses where investment made originates from a foreign country, such investment may be entirely foreign(where permissible) and partly foreign and partly domestic. The category is further divided in accordance with the mode of foreign investment as per the prevailing laws on Foreign Investment(excluding Technology Transfer and Issuance of securities in a foreign market).