• Compendium of Bills

    A series of new bills and amendments, ranging from public procurement, contribution-based social security to media council were tabled at […]

  • Land Use Act Policy Brief

    Land use regulations are brought about to regulate and reduce negative externalities generated by unplanned and non-scientific use of lands. […]


  • भूउपयोग ऐनकाे समिक्षा

    भूमिको उपयोगलाई नियमन गर्न तथा भूमिको अनियोजित तथा अवैज्ञानिक उपयोगले निम्त्याउने नकारात्मक बाह्य प्रभावहरूलाई न्यूनीकरण गर्नका लागि भूउपयोगसम्बन्धी नियमनहरू ल्याइन्छन् […]


  • Implications of Land Use Act

    – This article was originally published by Yatindra KC in the Himalayan Times on September 15, 2019. The Land Use […]