Tags: Economics SMEs “The great equalizer” in a nutshell

Many have described the pandemic situation as a great equalizer among the rich and the poor and everyone in between. But in reality, the unfathomable circumstances have been anything but that. 

Just last month, the government let out the list of an iota of the economic wheels who are allowed to carry on with their functioning to meet the needs of the public. However, the segregation of the sectors has caused many to feel the unequal opportunity to earn their living and has resulted to become downright preposterous. With sources covering the news of funds allocated to support the businesses and the people whose lives depended on the daily income, we can ‘assume’ there is enough wealth to go around but what do you do when you’re outside the ring of support? Also, the questionable brows can be raised in the matters; are that financial assistance enough to support the local businesses to rise from the unimaginable losses? Continue Reading