Aspirations for Free Enterprise: a nationwide essay competition

AAspirations for Free Society

While many of us stand in the sidelines, a lot of houses along the roads in Kathmandu are demolished to make way for bigger roads as government issued a road expansion program in 2012. A shopkeeper watches in silence as his shop is vandalized amidst spectators. What can he do? He did not register his shop for starters and has no insurance either. An aspiring entrepreneur gives up on his aspirations and takes up a 9-5 job. Why? He was tired of bribing the officials and the transaction costs were too high for him to be able to afford. An established businessman hires goons to keep political parties from extorting money from him during elections. He is tired of paying endless political parties when he knows neither of them have his prosperity on their agenda. These are but glimpses of what goes on with people who aspire to make an honest living.

There are endless of such tales that are never told because most of us think that our problems are ours’ alone, hardly ever realizing that problems as these can and are faced by many others. And there are also stories of hope and success—stories that stand witness to a country that can be made more livable. “Aspirations for Free Enterprise” is an initiative that looks forward to helping us all in not only understanding our problems but also in seeking solutions to the same.

Gari Khana Deu! – A campaign for livable Nepal and Bichar Dabali bring forth an opportunity to share these stories, to voice these issues alongside innovative ways to deal with the endlessness of one or many of these issues that affect our ‘everyday’. All participants are asked of is to write a 1500-2000 words essay on Free Enterprise; the broader topics being Security of Life and Property, Rule of Law and Right to Enterprise.

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