Liberty discussion on why incentives matters

Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation will be conducting  Liberty Discussion Series on 31  March 2016 at Gaia Restaurant and Coffee Shop, Thamel at 5:30 – 7:00 pm. The discussion is on ‘Incentives Matter’ by Russell RobertsRussell Roberts is professor of economics  [George Mason University] and Features Editor at Library of Economics and Liberty.

This edition of Liberty Discussion focuses on how people respond to incentives and why it matters. Please find the article by Russell Roberts here!

Incentives matter. The most famous example in economics is the idea of the demand curve—when something gets more expensive, people buy less of it. When it gets less expensive, people buy more of it. People respond to incentives. But how they respond can be very creative.

Despite a common belief that economics is about money, non-monetary incentives can be just as important as monetary incentives in affecting behavior. Time is one important non-monetary factor in what we do.

As always, how we roll during the discussion is the same. It is a pre-requisite to read the articles to sit in the discussion. We will begin by hearing from everyone what is his/her favorite line/idea in the whole article. So please highlight your favorite lines as you go through the article.Then we will move on to talk about things you did not like/do not agree with and raise the points you would like to discuss.

As there is a larger pool of invitation going out, the maximum we can accommodate is 12 people. So a confirmation email from your side would help us with the arrangements. If your time allows and you are willing to come to the discussion, please simply write a one-liner and send it to or at 9841442433.

We look forward to a lively discussion as always.