Mark your dates for The Liberty Debates Championship

The Liberty Debates Championship 2016 Calendar is out now.

Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation in association with Debate Network Nepal is organizing The Liberty Debates Championship also known as MahaSangram in April 2016! This will be Nepal’s second premium British Parliamentary debate league. The first one was held by Debate Nepal Network in March 2015.

Debates are an excellent way to improve your argumentation and public speaking skills. You will also get to research and deliberate on important ideas of freedom and liberty that will make you an informed speaker! Want to know more about how can be both fun and life changing? Watch this:

Format: British Parliamentary (BP) Debate Format
Short Intro to BP (Video):
Detailed Guide:

The Chief Adjudicator’s Panel has released 4 prepared motions. Participants have to be prepared from both the sides and the draw shall be released right before the debate begins.

Round 1: This House Believes That academic researches should not be validated where participants’ consent has not been taken.
Round 3: This House Would abolish the policy of permanent tenure for civil servants and introduce ‘hire and fire’ policy in Nepal.
Round 5: This House regrets the trend of gender specific professions.
Round 7: This House Would endorse state run security forces’ involvement in industrial and business activities in Nepal.
राउन्ड १: यस सदनले सहभागिहरुको अनुमती नलिई गरिएका प्राज्ञिक शोधहरुलाई प्रमाणित गर्नु हुन्न भन्ने मत राख्दछ ।
राउन्ड ३ : यस सदनले नेपालबाट निजामती कर्मचारीहरुको स्थायी नियुक्तिको निती अन्त्य गरी भर्ती तथा निलम्बन (हाएर एन्ड फाएर)को निती लागु गर्नेछ ।
राउन्ड ५: यस सदन पेसामा लैंगिक बिशिस्टताको बढ्दो प्रबृत्तिलाई लिएर पस्चाताप मान्दछ ।
राउन्ड ७: यस सदन नेपालमा सरकारी सुरक्षा बलको औध्योगिक तथा ब्यपारिक गतिबिधिमा रहेको संलग्नतालाई अनुमोदन गर्दछ ।
Each team will get to debate twice every Saturday for 4 weeks making total of 8 debates. In the end, the semi-finals and the final rounds (dependent on the number of teams registered) will be held on the basis of scores you have during the league (as awarded by adjudicators). There are 4 teams in each debate. The best performing team (i.e. team with the highest overall scores) will rank 1st and be awarded 3 points. The 2nd and 3rd ranked teams will gather 2 and 1 point/s respectively while the team that gets ranked 4th is not awarded any points.

1st Prize: NRs. 30,000
Runner up: NRs. 20,000
Best Speaker: NRs. 15,000

Prizes are subjected to applicable taxes.
Additional prizes will be announced in the coming weeks.

Event convener: Labisha Uprety 

Labisha Uprety is a Research and Communications Assistant at Samriddhi and the Director of Research at Debate Network Nepal. She was awarded the Best Speaker in the English Category in the first MahaSangram. She has also led projects to establish the first BP debate club in Pokhara.

Chief Adjudicator: Pradeep Ghimire

Pradeep Ghimire has been one of the senior most Nepali adjudicators, trainer and debater. Internationally, he has
judged World Schools Debating Championships 2015 Singapore, Global Health Debates 2015 Philippines and Evento International 2014 Pakistan. 

For more please contact: Samriddhi, The Prosperity Foundation (+977)-01-446-4616 / 448-4016 or DNN at 9851233939.

The registration is closed. Those who wish to listen to debates can arrive at the venue.