Interaction on & Report release of ‘Benefit-Sharing in Hydro-power Projects in Nepal’

Samriddhi Foundation is hosting an Econ-ity session on ‘Benefit-sharing in Hydropower Sector in Nepal,’ on 24 March 2016. This event is an official launch of the report- ‘Benefit-sharing in Hydropower Sector in Nepal’. The event will largely be a stakeholder consultation meeting with sectorial experts as the main panelists, and other key stakeholders joining and contributing to the discussion. The aim of the consultation meeting is to gather inputs from sectorial experts on how we can work on formulating a clear benefit-sharing mechanism for hydropower sector in Nepal.

There is a lack of a clear policy-framework guiding/facilitating benefit-sharing between developers of hydropower projects and the locals. Consequently, hydropower development and harnessing the immense potential that Nepal holds have not moved as smoothly as envisioned by the existing set of policies guiding hydropower sector.

As a result, the genuine concerns of locals often come in conflict with the hydropower developers’ interests. Some of the most pressing questions today are:

  1. How much can the locals demand from the developers?
  2. How much are the developers supposed to give back to the locals?
  3. What is the role of the government when it comes to mitigating these cases of conflict between the locals and developers?
  4. How do we formulate a policy framework that is comprehensive, defines the basis and scope of benefit-sharing clearly, and provides clear guidelines that takes into account the size, budget, source of funding, and feasibility of the project?

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