Road to Serfdom in Nepali Theatre

Samriddhi Foundation is very glad to collaborate with Mandala Theatre in featuring the drama ‘YojanaPark’, which is based on the book ‘The Road to Serfdom’ by F. A. Hayek from 19 March 2016 to 10 April 2016. Written by one of Samriddhi’s Arthalaya program’s graduate, Suresh Sapkota, the story is adapted to the Nepali context based on the Nepali translation of  ‘The Road to Serfdom’.

This  political book was first published in 1944 and has its central argument extracted from the article “Freedom and the Economic System” which was first published in Contemporary Issue 1938. In 1950s, this book sparked a huge political-economic debate that paved way for the number of reforms for the development in western countries.

Click here to find the Nepali translation of the book.

Event Details

Venue: Mandala Theatre, Anamnagar

Time: 5:15 pm [ 1 pm and 5:15 pm on Saturday]

Mandala Theatre is closed on Monday.