Uplifting Livelihood through Entrepreneurship in Accham #GEW2015

Samriddhi, the Prosperity Foundation is the official host organization of the annual Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and has been marking GEW in Nepal since 2010 by bringing together people and organizations to help create an environment that allows entrepreneurial behavior to flourish.

Samriddhi partnered with Lead International and local partner YES Nepal to make #GEW2015 a special undertaking and therefore, for the first time, GEW celebration reached rural Nepal where we celebrated it with 41 entrepreneurs from two districts of rural Far Western Nepal’s Accham and Kailali (usually known for their remoteness, poverty and high out-migration).  Lead International, which is a professional enterprise solutions company, has been a long-standing partner to Samriddhi since the very first celebration of GEW in 2010 and is known for its enterprise solutions trainings.

We celebrated #GEW2015 with the local entrepreneurs and cooperative members of Achham and Kailali by conducting two training programs in Achham from Nov 22-24, 2015 to boost entrepreneurial thinking and skills among the local people who all have some sort of small start-up enterprise or are in the process of building one. We thought helping them learn hand on tool about running and expanding a business would help their entrepreneurial endevours and thus provided the following trainings.

It was a moving experience to see that even a remote rural setting, entrepreneurial spirit has flourished so beautifully. It reassured us that if we are to change Nepal’s identity from a poor nation to a prosperous one, these entrepreneurs are Nepal’s hope. This small video clip of Rebanti Bohara, a goat farmer who started with 2 goats and now runs a farm of 35 and plans to continue with the growth, will be able to better tell what we are trying to say here.

The Training on Leadership Development and Evaluating Investment Decisions was provided to 21 participants who were at the decision making level at various cooperatives in Kailali district. The training included sessions on leadership and decision making process, understanding about investment, analyzing different aspect of an investment project and tools to evaluate investment project which were explained in the simplest of manner for the target beneficiaries. While we could see the motivation and zeal among our participants, we could equally feel the progress they were making towards an entrepreneurial community. A participant in a review o shared:

Similarly, Training on Developing your Product and Distribution Strategy was designed for the local entrepreneurs in Achham. The objective of the training was to help the participants understand and increase their knowledge on product and distribution strategy, which would help them successfully penetrate the market. Altogether the training helped 20 participants understand how to analyze and decide whether or not to develop a new product or when to develop new product. It also increased the participants’ knowledge on the role of distribution channels and distribution partners.