Dentistry Tourism Offers Opportunity in Nepal

Dr. Neil Pande shared his experiences as a dentist and entrepreneur at Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur on 24th September 2015.

Early Days

Dr Pande went to study in Bangalore in his high school where learned the skills of managing money. He vividly remembers collecting money and surviving for 3-4 days with 5 IC with few of his friends. Then he went to study Dentistry in Manipal College.

As an Entrepreneur

Dr. Pande along with his friends started National Dental College, with a motive of providing subsidized service. Later, he opened his own clinic. He bought his first dental chair on installment and started his clinic with the goodwill of eight patients. Passion was a driving force for his success.

Pande has his own ways of managing the HR of his office. He lets his workers hire new personnel. His earliest employee is working with him for last 15. A portion of the company profit is divided among his employees, remaining goes to the office maintenance. He values lives of his stakeholders very well. He believes in focusing on one goal. One should be best at doing something. He urges entrepreneurs to value the workers and customers. He leaves no stone unturned with his duty.

For the entrepreneurs, there is an ample opportunity and one of them is dentistry tourism.  The service which costs USD 1500 in US could be delivered in USD 200 in Nepal with the same equipments. In this huge difference in price, there lies opportunity.

Health Tips

Brush teeth twice a day and clean mouth after eating. He joked that this is analogue to flushing the toilet. Cleaning teeth and tongue is a must.  After old saying prevails everywhere, prevention is better than cure.