Entrepreneur of Nepali Film Industry

Mr. Ashok Sharma, Executive Director at Digital Cinemas Nepal, shared his life journey in Last Thursdays with Entrepreneur on 27th August 2015. From the struggle to the success,  he recalls every moment as valuable teachings. Decades of working in Nepali Film Industry, Mr. Sharma feels proud to be part of success of the industry.

The Nepali Film Industry once had less respect and pay. The past decade has seen much improvement in the industry. Nepali movies now compete in International Film Festival. Every year, a movie breaks record. The generation of actors have passion for acting and are doing a commendable work.

Mr. Sharma criticized the censorship policies saying that these policies kill innovation and originality. Mr. Sharma shared that Nepali Film Industry is booming place for entrepreneurs but it requires individuality and creativity as the sector is competitive.