Last Thursdays with Shanti Chadha

The 64th Last Thursday with an Entrepreneur held on 26th March, 2015 gathered aspiring entrepreneurs to know about entrepreneurship from Ms. Shanti Chadha, Managing Director, Nepal Women Craft. She is also a founding member of ‘Women Entrepreneurs Association of Nepal’ and ‘Women Entrepreneurs Association Co-operative’ (WEAN).

Ms. Chadha shared how difficult it was to start-up as banks did not offer loan collateral free. Her persuasive behavior paid off and she started her business. She planned to open factory in Bajura, Far Western Region of Nepal to utilize local resource, manpower and market. With the investment of twenty five lakh in initial stage, she now has opened up twenty four factories covering local and international market.

The way to entrepreneurship is to start small and think big. Focus is necessary to overcome the challenges. For an entrepreneur, financial constraints will always come up while investing. It is crucial to evaluate interests and bank loans. The key to success lies in sincerity, dedication, innovation and patience.