Last Thursdays – Special Edition on Rebuilding Barpak

The 65th Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur held on 28th May, 2015 was a special edition focusing on aftermath of 25 April 2015 Earthquake. The session focused on program initiated by Bir Bahadur Ghale, community leader and micro hydro entrepreneur, who is focused on rebuilding Barpak, Gorkha.

This session revolved around panel discussion with Bishal Dhakal, Health at Home, Eraj Bhandari, Hydro Energy Concern, Lajana Manandhar, Lumanti and Vidhan Rana, Biruwa moderated by Mr. Anil Chitrakar. Mr. Ghale could not attend the session due to an urgent situation in Barpak; the video of him on take of Barpak’s development was shared with the audience. Mr. Ghale believes on development of Barpak lies in utilizing local resources and means to build and design new houses that can sustain earthquake. He emphasized the role of women and girls in re-evolving the community.

With the panel discussion and queries from audience, the core values of reconstruction surfaced. While experts’ views are required in the rebuilding process, we should not neglect local capacity to revive the community.