Tourism and Ways to Build It

The 66th Last Thursdays with an Entrepreneur was held on 25 June 2015 with Mr. Raj Gyawali.
Raj Gyawali, Tourism Entrepreneur and Founder of Social Tours, loves adventure and it drove him to start tourism business. He is currently working to revive tourism industry after the April 25 earthquake. His team was actively involved in providing relief through the donations generated from well-wishers. He is now putting efforts into promoting Nepal as a touristic destination.
Mr. Gyawali talked about how he has been promoting tourism through his Social Tours. He believes that Nepal is not only for hiking, trekking or walking, Nepal is open for everyone. Here are few ideas that he gave:
  • Not just treks, culture is also connected to tourism. Cultural exchange program has been one of the successful business platform.
  • The sharing of local experiences is way to connect. The local tour in Kathmandu, involving with local art and Newari culture is one of the program.
  • Environmental aspect should never be neglected. Use every means to reduce energy consumption and waste.
  • The way to keep tourists happy is to share hidden secrets of Nepal. Share shamanism, yoga and other cultural identities to keep them coming back.

“You need to live on the edge”- Raj Gyawali